Intro to TMDR’s ART platform

ART YouTube Intro
ART YouTube Intro

Here’s the intro video for the new ART platform that we’ve been working on for a year at Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment.

There are 4 key themes to the new platform, which will power some of the UK’s top jobsites, and over 100 sites in our portfolio – handling millions of job applications per month:

– Social:  we’re experimenting with more extensive social integration than most of our competitors. Bullhorn Reach has done some interesting stuff. We’re trying to take it one stage further.

– Mobile: mobile access is exploding in the recruitment market right now, and we’re taking this very seriously – ART has distinct UIs for classic/desktop; tablet; and phone.

– Search & Match: this is the fun bit, where we have spent a lot of time working out how to better match candidates and roles.  There’s some interesting new developments in the beta version, with more to come.

– Cloud: ART’s built on a Java stack, and hosted by AWS.  To my knowledge, the first 100% cloud-based platform in our sector (of any scale).  Being cloud-based gives us flexibility to try new stuff and not worry so much about capacity planning.

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